Book of Kells

Book of Kells

The Book of Kells is housed in Trinity College Library, Ireland’s most prestigious University. It contains the four gospels of the New Testament in Latin and was believed to be created around 800 AD.  Why is it so famous? It’s detail and exquisite Western calligraphy is considered one of the world’s finest examples of medieval art. So much so that experts believe that the book was to be used only for ceremonial and display purposes... not to be read out loud! 


What to Expect  

You can see the Books of Kells by purchasing a ticket for Trinity College’s Old Library & Long Room Tour. (The Long Room houses 250,000 of Trinity College’s oldest books.) Ticket prices start at €11. The atmosphere in Trinity College is quiet – but this is due to the awe-inspiring architecture of this library that spans the length of 213 feet. Many people compare the Long Room in Trinity College to the library from Harry Potter!  

The tour takes 35 minutes and covers the history of Trinity College as well as the Book of Kells. After the tour, you can take in the grounds of Trinity College. The Bell Tower in the Library Square is the perfect place to get a photo. (Photography of the Book of Kells is not permitted but non-flash photography for personal use is allowed in the Long Room itself.) 


Who Is It For? 

If you are interested in the history of Ireland and the country’s most cultural treasure, then it is worth seeing the Book of Kells! You do not necessarily need to be religious to enjoy the exhibition, as the tour focuses primarily on Irish heritage. Children under 12 go free on the tour and family tickets are available for €28. Online brochures for the Book of Kells display are available <link> here in 10 different languages.